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About the institute

Beyond cometics co., R&D Center is multidiscipline research institute for research of new and functional material, product development, assessment, and proposal to the customer. And construction of a development network and quest for technical capabilities for customer satisfaction customer satisfaction shall be our priority. Thus we collect information such as cosmetic market needs, customer preference, and social trends to deliver secure and safe product. We continuously pursue high technical capa-bility to realize better cosmetic development.

Research Field

· Beyond Cosmetics develops professional and effectively through segmentalized types of R&D

· Industry-university cooperation

We cooperate with companies, universities, and research institutes of biochemistry, pharmacology, dermatology and biotechnology, for developing next-generated raw materials, discovering new functional formulations and investigating unknown active ingredient. Our focus includes creating new value in the market.

· Responsibility for the quality

Not just developing cosmetics, but we execute tests of effectiveness and safety, according to the concept of developing product. We manufacture products with functionality, which guarantees safety and reassurance.

· Analysis

Analyze product component.

Quality Management systems

Optimized quality management system

Formalized by the ISO22716 quality management system processes.

Production & Quality Management Certificate